Bassetki Tablets reveal the location of the royal city of Mardaman

Bassetki Tablets reveal the location of the royal city of Mardaman

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The translations of the Bassetki tablets, in Assyrian cuneiform writing made by the University of Tübingen, have revealed a secret that until now had not been discovered in history: Bassetki, the place in Iraq where the tablets were found, is actually the royal city of Mardaman.

This important mesopotamian city it is cited in ancient sources, but researchers did not know where it was found.

It existed between 2200 and 1200 BC., being sometimes kingdom and other provincial capital, being conquered and destroyed several times.

Archaeologists from the University of Tübingen identified the site of the discovery of these tablets (found in the summer of 2017) as the ancient city of Mardaman in the same place where they were working.

"The Bassetki clay tablets make an important new contribution to the geography of Mesopotamia," explained Assyriologist Betina Faist. He added that this discovery may provide clues to the locations of other early Mesopotamian cities.

“Certainly, Mardaman rose to be an influential city and a regional kingdom thanks to its location on the trade routes between Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Syria. We therefore believe that future excavations will make more exciting discoveries.

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