They find 80 bound skeletons from the 7th century BC. in Greece

They find 80 bound skeletons from the 7th century BC. in Greece

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A team of archaeologists has found in the Bay of Fáliro, in the south of Athens, a group of 80 bound skeletons in a cemetery unearthed at the site, dating from the 7th century BC. and that they could have been the victims of a mass execution.

Stella Chryssoulaki, head of the excavations, has indicated that «They have all been executed in the same way. Yet they have been buried with respect«. «They were all tied up and most of them were big and very young when they died»He added.

In the absence of more evidence to confirm who they were, archaeologists believe they were noble followers of Cilón, an Athenian nobleman and Olympic champion who attempted a coup in 632 BC, who after the failed attempt managed to hide but his followers were killed. .

Chryssoulaki has commented that «Perhaps once we have the results of the DNA tests, we can clarify the hypotheses raised so far«.

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