New cave paintings discovered in a cave in Murcia

New cave paintings discovered in a cave in Murcia

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Thanks to a group of specialists belonging to the Society for Historical and Ethnographic Studies of the Highlands of the Argos, Quípar and Alharábe Rivers, It has been possible to find a varied number of cave paintings in the cave of Justo in the Murcian district of Yéchar and according to the first investigations, they have an approximate age of 6,000 years.

The discovered paintings feature different representations such as zigzag lines as well as the occasional fingering, black strokes and figures that initially do not represent anything, although they are still important.

They are distributed in three different areas, where the first one has different anthropomorphic figures, composed of two triangles and representations of eyes on each side of the heads and other red lines in the shape of branches are superimposed on these. On the other hand, the other two are in a worse state due to the passage of time and inclement weather, although various lines and simple shapes differ.

According to the first studies on these important paintings, It seems that they are associated with different elements that go from the Neolithic period to the Bronze Age, which will allow that with more study and research much relevant information can be obtained.

Speaking of information, it must be said that practically all the paintings have something in common, they are schematic, so we will find many more details than what we are used to seeing.

Since we are talking about prehistoric rock art, automatically these paintings have reached the declaration of Asset of Cultural Interest and the authorities are already working so that be assigned to the list of schematic and Levantine cave paintings, which are declared as World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

In this way, the cave paintings found in a place known as Severed Eyebrow, which can only be visited with speleological equipment, have become part of many of the cave paintings that are spread over more than one hundred caves and shelters scattered throughout the Murcia region.

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