Six new statues found in Egypt

Six new statues found in Egypt

The town of Gebel el-Silsila, located about 65 kilometers from Aswan is news because it is the scene of a new discovery. It is not an unknown locality since it was already known before and even when it was called Jeny at a time when there was a lot of wealth.

The wealth originated because in this place old stone quarries were located, exploited for many years, perhaps from the prehistoric era until well into the time of Roman domination, which allowed huge tons of stone to be extracted from this place.

As Egypt's Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Eldamaty made public, the discovery that has been made consists of six statues that have been carved directly on the rock of this place and several reliefs have also been discovered that indicate that they have an excellent state of conservation and from which a large volume of information can be obtained when they are studied.

This is something of great importance and rarity given that this area went through a great earthquake that knocked down many blocks of stone, burying what is today the archaeological site. For his part, the Argentine Egyptologist Ricardo Augusto Caminos, before passing away explained that after a long time working in this place, he was completely convinced that there were many things here yet to be discovered.

Two of the statues that have been discovered belong to the New Kingdom and his representation is that of the owner of the tomb with his wife, in a seated position. The owner with his arms crossed over his chest and wearing a wig; she places one hand on her husband's shoulder and the other places it under his chest.

Regarding the other four statues, the evidence reveals that it is a family group formed by Neferkheye (Overseer of foreign territories who lived during the reign of Tuthmosis III) with his wife, son and daughter, although in this case no details have been given about the reliefs at the moment.

Nasr Salama, general manager of this archaeological zone of Aswan, declared that it is planned to continue with the excavations and he is completely convinced, as was the Argentine archaeologist, that this corner still has many secrets to reveal and that sooner or later we will go discovering them and making them known to the whole world.

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